As Investors, we acquire medium-sized companies and/or company portfolios from almost all sectors in order to accompany them on their long-term growth path. As a rule, we acquire majority shareholdings, in special cases also qualified minorities. Our regional investment focus is on the German-speaking countries.

In principle, we look at every sector in which we have gained experience, including particularly companies in the manufacturing and service sectors. Early-stage financing and venture capital financing may be of interest to us if we believe that we have special knowledge in this area. B2B companies are somewhat closer to us than B2C companies. This focus also allows us to provide industry experience and our extensive network for the investment company.

We try to use some useful building blocks, aspects and tools of the private equity industry and avoid some negative aspects of the private equity industry. We invest our own money in the companies and not third-party funds (fund raising), as was originally intended in the historic origin of the private equity business. This independence has the following advantages for both the seller and the acquired company: Entrepreneurial spirit, no time limit on our commitment, no reporting pressure from a fund.

In the case of a complete takeover, we usually set up a new buyer company (NewCo) beforehand, usually in the form of a GmbH, and provide this new company with sufficient funds to pay the purchase price and any incidental costs incurred. In addition to the Triginta Capital partners, the sellers (OBO) can also participate in this NewCo. As a rule, we offer a shareholding to the operative management (MBO) or to new managers (MBI) to be identified together with the seller after we have completed the transaction.

The reason for an investment can be the search for a successor, the spin-off from a larger company, the acquisition by a management team (MBI/MBO) or growth financing (capital increase).

As a rule, we aim for majority shareholdings or qualified minority shareholdings. We support the operative management in the strategic development of the company as active shareholders by participating in the advisory committees. Under given circumstances, we develop concepts for inorganic growth through acquisitions. The focus of our activities is on sustainable growth concepts combined with a medium to long-term holding strategy for the company.

Within the framework of portfolio transactions or secondary buyouts, we acquire several company shareholdings and can draw on broad experience in the targeted development and management of the portfolio. Our investments in individual companies are financed on a deal-by-deal basis by our partners, wealthy private investors and asset managers, with whom we work closely together. For the acquisition of portfolios and funds, we usually also involve institutional investors.

As part of an investment decision, we attach great importance to the management knowledge of the investment from the very first day after the transaction. We are happy to work with the previous owners for a period of at least one year in order to reduce the risks of ownership transfer for the company, the workforce, the seller and ourselves. We discuss with the seller how this should be accomplished in each individual case. Key points of this transition phase are, for example, the search for and training of new management members, the re-investment of members of the existing management in the company, the involvement of the seller in the content of the transaction as well as the development of a new management team.